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Folks, I am new to WVD, Windows 10 multi user OS , thought i could share Desktop amongst 10 users but it looks like every user gets a different session and the Office files and Desktop are not really shared they are different for different user. If i give them the same login credentials, when one logs in the other gets logged off. Are we able to share a Desktop in an Azure WVD Solution so that all the users are able to see the same Desktop and files even though logged in different sessions simultaneously or a different times ?
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@JM_MFP I'm 99.9% that goes against the Online Services Terms for Microsoft 365 (including Azure AD and Windows 10 Enterprise - both required for use with multi-session Windows 10 Enterprise hosts using WVD).


Each individual person would use their own set of credentials and applicable M365 (or Windows 10 E3) licenses to access their own unique virtual desktop session and could use Teams, SPO, ODFB, etc. or mapped network shares via file servers hosted on properly configured Azure VMs within the same Azure environment.


You can use group policy and/or other management tools to provide a common desktop experience beyond that.