Setting up Personal Host Pools does not work - the Persistent Flag is not set to True

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I created a "PERSONAL" pool with 1 Desktop.  I set the enablepersistentdesktop to $true at time of deployment.  After Deployment doing a get-rdshostpool for that host pool the 'persistent' flag is false - AND - it cannot be changed.  That flag isnt' even listed in the documentation for the set-rdshostpool command.  
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Pool configuration looks like the following and I confirmed my user jumps around between VM's. I am not pinned to a single virtual desktop. I selected "Personal" and I believed that would assign setup the pool with 1:1 mapping between a desktop and the user. TenantName : XXX TenantGroupName : Default Tenant Group HostPoolName : pool2 FriendlyName : pool2 Description : Created through ARM template Persistent : False CustomRdpProperty : MaxSessionLimit : 999999 LoadBalancerType : BreadthFirst ValidationEnv : False Ring :