Setting up new AVD pool with custom apps installed in Win11

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Hi all, I currently have an AVD environment setup with Win10 machines and originally when I set it up, I had created a Win10 VM, installed all the apps on it and then took an image of it. So when I spin up new AVD's, the users have all of their software needed. I am needing to setup new Win11 AVDs now and want to go about the image a little different. One problem with the Win10 AVDs is that the software doesn't get updated automatically. I am unsure of an easy way to update them. So I guess I have 2 questions. 

1. How can I easily update all the apps on all of my Win10 AVDs that are currently deployed?

2. I am deploying Win11 AVDs and want to make them easier to manage as far as 3rd party software installs/updates. What is the easiest way to do this? I will need VS Code, VS Community edition, Notepadd++, R and R Studio, and several other apps installed.

Right now, I have the Host Pool Type set to Personal on the Win10 environment. With the Win11 environment, I am planning on doing Pooled, so I can cut down the number/cost of the machines that we currently have. I'm roughly at 150 AVDs right now. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! 

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@Gilfoyle you can use intune to update all your session hosts. 



Set up a Pooled host pool type for your Win11 AVDs would suggested, are you using Azure Image Builder btw?