Setting FriendlyName not working

Has anyone seen had issues with setting the FriendlyName for host pools?  I tore down our previous test pool but was able to change the name to something user friendly.  After deploying a new host pool, the name isn't reflected in the RD app or website.  It shows correct in the Management-UX and through PS.
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@evgaff : You can set the display text for the desktop through the following cmdlet: 

Set-RdsRemoteDesktop -TenantName <tenantName> -HostPoolName <hostPoolName> -AppGroupName <desktopAppGroupName> -FriendlyName <friendlyName>

I can understand how there can be some confusion there, and why we automatically set the host pool name as the friendly name in our Azure Marketplace offering, but the system itself doesn't do it by default. 

@Christian_Montoya Thanks for the info, that did fix the issue...


It is extremely confusing to have two properties with the same name return different results.  Hopefully this can be fixed.


Running Get-RdsHostPool

HostPoolName      : DesktopEUS01
FriendlyName      : Virtual Desktop


Running Get-RdsRemoteDesktop

AppGroupName      : Desktop Application Group
RemoteDesktopName : Remote Desktop
FriendlyName      : DesktopEUS01

@evgaff : Are you referring to the FriendlyName property? We also use FriendlyName for other objects, so it gives our UI (and 3rd party partners' UI) a value to show that is editable post-creation.


Regarding what shows up in the feed, we wanted to separate the two objects so that what appears in the feed (FriendlyName of the RemoteDesktop object) is separate from what shows for the host pool in any sort of management UX for the admin (FriendlyName of the HostPool object).


We're happy to take suggestions though.