Sessions not working in ARM

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Is it only for me that user sessions in not working in WVD ARM?
All sessions is displayed as either "Unknown (Active)" or "Unknown (Disconnected)" for all users except my administrator user (admin in the domain & Azure)

The interface also does not display any active sessions for any users in the "Users" -> "Sessions" menus.

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same for me

Where is your VM and hostpool location? can you please check is your VM location different than your hostpool location?

Hostpool is in US, VMs is in West Europe.
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Thanks for the confirmation. This is a known issue when VM and hostpool location is different. We'll be fixing the issue.
Is it also a known bug that with multiple WVD servers, when users disconnect and reconnect, they may end up on the other server - which means theyre logged on multiple times on multiple servers simultaneously?
If there are multiple sessionhosts in a hostpool, when a user create a new connection, the user can logon to any of the sessionhosts. when user disconnect, and reconnect, the user will get back the previously disconnected session. WVD broker will make sure a user can only have one session at any time.
I had 3 users yesterday that had multiple sessions on each server, must have been a bug because we didnt see it today.

@Raaert Could you check if this is still being seen in your environment? We rolled-out a deployment but since we cannot repro this, your feedback would be important for us to validate. If possible, also validate using PS.

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


We are still having the issue in the portal.





However through powershell it works -> 



Although the UserPrincipalName is blank.. i would assume thats what the portal tries to show? Which causes the issue.




@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


And here you have screenshots where my admin user is displayed correctly in the portal - and it shows the UPN in powershell ->





Screenshots are cut to not display the rest of the UPN/mail : )


@Raaert :( We have a bug raised for this. 

@Soo Kuan Teo 


We had this happen to use today on a fresh deployment.


15x West US session hosts, West US control plane (1x connection per host, depth-first).

@JSpecMugen This issue was fixed a while ago. Please give me more details - are you not seeing the UPN but seeing Unknown? Is this seen only on the portal or both portal and PS?

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


I did not check PS but I will next check next time it occurs. It was only noticed in the ARM WVD portion of Azure and was designated "- (Disconnected)".


No UPN...