Session host not taking on any users, other session hosts are fine

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Hi All, 


We have a fair few AVD's and in general all is working OK. 


However today we noticed one of the session hosts is just not getting any users. 


We are using breadth load balancing - and this one session host has 0 users, the other all have 10-15 



I've rebooted the VM, logged into it manually - cannot see any problem - so looking for any ideas of what to troubleshoot as to why one session host is just not taking on users

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Have a look at the Event Logs on that session host and compare it to the others, you may see some discrepancies.

You could try to migrate that particular VM (or a copy of that VM via Backup) to another host pool and log in manually, do some testing, if that fails.
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You can always try to remove it from the hostpool and register it again and see if it will allow connections again. If not check the event log like Luke mentioned.
I've done exactly this and now picking up connections

I did check event log, nothing stuck out - but yep the quick win was as you've mentioned.

Thanks for your replies guys!

Probably the RDAgent or some other component failing at upgrade or buildout. It happens far to often even in small environments of AVD. It has really made us question its future viability because when that occurs for us either..

A: it does it with some users are on it, then it totally screws up their container (locks it) and you have to manually unlock it with a bunch of Powershell inputs.

B: it prevents log on, but also counts against session availability and then wrecks my auto-scale logic. Then I have people getting mad because there are no resources available.