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We have a host pool with two sessions hosts.  They are set to a maximum limit of 4 sessions each and depth-first.

A user with the same UPN and session number shows up twice in the session list.  Azure was counting this as two separate sessions.  Since there were two other users on, this added up to 4 sessions and new connections went over to the other host. 

Looking at the Session Hosts view shows this machine has 3 active sessions rather than 4 so it does seem to know that one is duplicated.

Would anyone know what would cause the same user to show up as two different sessions?  Thanks.


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There is a Group policy to limit users to single session. If you don’t set what can happen when there window closes and they reconnect it connects as a separate second session.
Thanks Steven. A few months ago I asked about that specific GPO when we were first setting up the host pools with a Azure consulting firm (a leading Azure services firm) and they said it was not needed in WVD because the load balancer will tie session state into an individual pool allocation. I tested this with logging into a VM via rdweb, closing out the browser, verifying that I show up as disconnected in Azure, starting up the browser and logging into rdweb and the VM again. It connected me back to my previous session. In the list of users, it showed this one user as having the same session number (although listed twice) so I am wondering if this is an issue with Azure reporting it incorrectly or if there really was something up with the user being connected to a different session.
Hi, I find found in my testing stage that without it it was a bit of a lottery as to how it responded and the gpo just makes it work as you want so for how difficult it is to enable I don’t see why you just would t do it rather leave it to chance. Like wise temp profiles are a lottery and they give you an option to not login with a temp which makes more sense from a service side to stop as when a user logs on with a temp it causes more damage long term than if they never get on.
You should have come to my company :face_with_tears_of_joy:
Hi Steven, my last reply did not fully include what I was going to do - so sorry for not including that. I will be looking to add the "Restrict Remote desktop services users to a single remote desktop services session" GPO but I was wondering about the same session number issue. It seems the temp profile you mention could definitely be the reason for that.
It’s all a bit of belt and braces and another thing that may also help is forcing user log offs when either not active or disconnected after a period of time which may help the issues but also keeps costs down as you won’t have as many seats taken which in turn will mean vm’s go offline more frequently and even less likely to have the session issues. It’s not a perfect solution still so many bugs but there are things you can do to make the service desk quieter.
Oh yes, totally agree. We have session timeouts in place and scaling is a work in progress.
How do you mean work in progress, there is a very good script out there not Microsoft’s that I have used with great success (not my script not taking credit) but it’s on a few forums/how too’s
We haven't gotten into automating this with scripts yet, though that is the very next step we're going to look at. We were working off of this doc: and just got all the VM images, extensions, and a VMSS into place and tested successfully. Could you share the script you have used? Thank you.

Pretty straight forward just set working hrs and how many available seats you want peak off peak.