Service provider licensing and WVD for us with Server based RDS?

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Has anyone any details about SPLA and WVD? 


We are a service provider and the users/clients that connect via WVD belong to customers. We have around 400 customers each having set of occasionally connected users.


Normally a service provider can not use CAL's because the user/client connectingis not from within our organization. For our current RDS Server deploys we were advised by Microsoft to use SPLA licensing. Will the current SPLA licensing regime we use for RDS Server carry over to WVD pretty much unchanged or will I run into problems and have to dict WVD and use "raw" RDS instead? (SPLA ALNG LicSAPk MVL - In the MSFT license lingo)




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@Johan_Eriksson: Thank you for your question Johan. More information will come later this year on this topic.

@Eva Seydl Hi Eva,

Is it later this year by now? (Any feedback to share?)

@Eva Seydl Any update on this question?

Hi @Eva Seydl I'm interested in the answer to this too.