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I have this weekend installed the "new" HTML5 based WebClient to allow remote access to our RDS Farm (till now its been used internally only). This is SO MUCH better than the original RDWeb solution !!


The only thing that I would like to add to it would be MFA authentication with Azure AD which we use for as much as we possibly can.


Is this possible ?  If so does anyone have a link to a decent "how to" tutorial document or video ?


Setting up the WebClient was simple and seems to be a perfect solution to preparing for the "everyone working from home" that might be required as a result of the Coronavirus measures. Its just that without MFA I have some nagging security concerns....








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@AndyBH It's possible to publish the webclient through AzureAD Application Proxy (thus creating an enterprise app). After that you can configure a conditional access rule making MFA required. Attach this rule to the Enterprise app and there you go


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