Secondary mailboxes and FSLogix Roam Identity

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Got a bit of a puzzler, so we have a client who uses outlook to access the main mailbox on the tenant, but they also have a secondary mailbox added to outlook from a different tenant, so when they log in it authenticates to both, all good. The reason they have it set up this way is to do with signatures.


With existing FSLogix this works fine, we then upgraded them to the latest, this changes the authentication method and puts the token on EntraID, the secondary mailbox now wants the password every time, as its on another tenant.   Makes sense, so enabled Roam Identity to put back status quo. However this then pulls the machine out of EntraID/Intune, and recommendations is not to use Roam Identity if enrolled into Intune.


Anyone else come across this or any way forward/guidance, have about 50+ users set up this way?



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