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We want to lock the screen in a Azure Virtual Desktop session after x minutes.  
AVD is used mainly from other than work devices, so you don't know the local lock screen settings.


But if the screen is being locked, the session looks like it's being disconnected (remains active in the background, untill active session timeout occurs).
The Remote Desktop client gives the folowing message: You were disconnected from SessionDesktop because your session was locked.

But how can we configure this to just activate a screensaver so the user only has to enter their credentials to get an active session again ?

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For AVD, I believe authentication is required to unlock a machine's screen during idle time

If the screen is locked on the local desktop, doesn't it go into sleep mode and lose network connectivity?
That's fine, but for the end user it just looks like the session is being disconnected.
Why isn't MS just activating the lock screen with a password prompt ?
I will just test this, but I don't have control to the end users device, it's mainly used to work from home. If there is no local lock screen, the AVD session won't be locked.

Are you using SSO to sign-into the session hosts?

If so that is a technical limitation.


Check out this link: