Screen Capture Protection for macOS client and support for Sovereign Clouds


A few weeks ago, we saw a lot of excitement around the General Availability of Screen Capture Protection for Azure Virtual Desktop.


Today we are happy to announce that we extended support for this feature on the macOS client. So if you have users accessing both full desktops or RemoteApp, their sessions can be protected.


In addition to macOS support, the Screen Capture Protection feature is now available in all clouds, including Azure Government and Azure China.


For more details about the feature, please read the original announcement.


To get started, have a look at Screen Capture Protection documentation that outlines the necessary steps needed to enable this feature.


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Hello @fdwl,


It's strange what Windows client has Screen Capture Protection and macOS client not

Now it's changed and I tested it, Screenshot protection works (screenshot is filed with black foreground), but if I share screen in Google meet conference, I see contents of MS RDC remote session window on macOS

We didn't tested other options like Skype or Teams because Google meet conference allows to see content of MS RDC remote session window on macOS


Please fix Screen Capture Protection on macOS for screen sharing use case!




Hi Vlad,
This is a bug in macOS, we are working with Apple on resolving it