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I am trying to get an Epson DS 530 Scanner to redirect from my local desktop to a WVD.

Printers redirect with no problems but not the scanner.


Heres is the RPD for the WVD:



audiocapturemode:i:1;audiomode:i:1;drivestoredirect:s:;redirectclipboard:i:1;redirectcomports:i:1;redirectprinters:i:1;redirectsmartcards:i:1;screen mode id:i:2;

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Hi @Scott1963 


How is your scanner connected to your local desktop??? If its USB Try the following values: 


devicestoredirect:s:*  - redirects all plug and play devices

usbdevicestoredirect:s:* - redirects all USB Devices


If that works you can also re-direct on a per-device basis also by locking down the values.



It is connected via USB, I add those redirects, and still, a no go.


How would do there-direct on a per-device basis?



@Scott1963 , I think you need to ensure some group policy (local or domain based, I used lcoal for testing first) have been applied.  I found the below link useful.  This got me far enough that my Kodak desktop scanners showed up in the printers and devices within the WVd session.  However they still did not work, I think the issue is the large amount of data being transfered when scanning.  Unlike a printer or control device you're talking a lot of data over the RDP session.

Failing that perhaps try using a USB Server device like the second link, which allows you to share usb devices across a network with compression.



@James_Randall_1978 did you ever found a solution for the USB Scanning?

We are having the same issue. Each user has an Fujitsu iX500 via USB and this is a MUST before we go live with WVD. 



Yes we went with the product listed at the link given.  A USB "Server" of sorts that converts USB scanners to be network attached USB devices.  

@James_Randall_1978 Could you please explain how you used the Silex device for this? Wouln't that require a vpn from azure to each site that has the USB Server installed? Otherwise how do the remote sessions "see" the USB server and scanner? Is this done by redirection from the windows client machine?