Scaling and Resolution Problems in WVD

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Hi there. I am really enjoying the new Spring Release but have run into a couple of issues around app display.


I'm trying to adjust the resolution of my Windows Virtual Desktop machine (Spring 2020 release - Win 10 Enterprise 1909) as I have an app (QuoteWerks.exe) that is missing its icons in the ribbon bar within the app. The QuoteWerks support team asked that I adjust scaling. From their support: "This is usually caused by magnification or High DPI Scaling specified within Windows. Please adjust your Display Scaling or magnification back to a 100% setting and this should resolve the issue."


I have set the Host Pool -> RDP Setttings to Full Screen Off and Resolution to 1024x768. This doesn't seem to be honored as my sessions still open full screen.


I am using the Mac RDP client Version 10.3.11 (1788). 


All of this seems rather tedious. Why not allow the setting of the resolution from the RDP client as can be done with the older mstsc client/other clients?  When I attempt to adjust the resolution from within the windows session itself, I see the message that "The display settings can't be changed from a remote session."


I keep thinking I am missing something obvious and am hoping for pointers.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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@TTMGT3 Not sure what client you are using if its 10.3.11, the latest macOS Client for WVD is 10.3.9 - You can get that here

@Neil McLoughlin  Well, it took me a few to find the 10.3.11 client again. It's found by following the link here from the WVD documentation -  This then links you to the App Store and 10.3.11. Screen shots of release notes from 10.3.9 to .10 to .11 attached. 




All that said, none of the releases 10.3.9, 10.3.10, 10.3.11 or even the new beta of 10.4.0 solve my original posted issues. My RDP sessions still go full screen regardless of the host pool's RDP settings and the scaling settings and icons are missing from my app's ribbon bar. I am sure there is something I am doing wrong/need to update. I appreciate the help!


Thank you!

@TTMGT3In the RDP client, have you turned off Use Default Settings? That's the only reason I can think of that it's not using the RDP settings set on the hostpool. 

I don't know much about Macs, but the resolution and scaling in WVD is taken from the local machine, so I'd recommend checking (assuming you haven't already!) if there is any increased scaling/text size set locally. I had a similar issue in WVD where an application was not showing fullly on the screen, it turned out the user had changed scaling on the local Win10 computer to 125% (changing it back to 100% and restarting the WVD session fixed the application not displaying correctly).

@tilikumtim Hi. Sorry for the delay in response.


I have tried using the default scaling settings for my display on my Mac but I still have the same trouble. No icons showing. The Mac OS Remote Desktop app doesn't seem to have any settings to allow me to set the desktop size for a Workspace machine. 

@TTMGT3Again I haven't used the mac client, but according to the docs there should be an option to change the resolution:  Is this option not there?