Save Default Network Printer in User Profile and enable GPP for Client Printers


Migrating to WVD on Windows 10:

We need to save the default Network Printer to the User's Profile.

In addition, we need to allow Remote Users to use their Client Printers as Default.


I can use a GPP for the client printer and target users, but I am not able to save the default Network Printer for those that are in the Office. They do not have network printers installed on their local desktops and others are using thin clients.


We currently use Citrix and all of this is set in Citrix Policies with no trouble.

We originally assigned Session Printers to groups, but want the user to manage their own default printer in the future on WVD.


In WVD, each time the user logs off and then back in, they get the default PDF printer. The setting "Let Windows manage my default printer" is Off.


I'll keep searching and report back if I find the solution, but if anyone has already figured it out, I would appreciate the help.






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@Denise Child 

Hi had same problem and tried to disable that default Clientprinter will not be set as session default printer. After this it seams I can save default printer


I did this via GPO (device > policies> adm > windows components > rds services > remote session host > printer redirection > enable "don not set default client printer to be default in a session"

maybe it helps..


regards tommy


Thank you, I believe this worked. I need to confirm a separate GPP for Client Printers works.


I spoke too soon. After a server restart the printer defaults to Microsoft PDF. I have no other GPO's configured.



howdy!.. did you ever find the solution for this? I just found this thread.... It's been plaguing me something awful :double_exclamation_mark:. My client's overview is... WVD host-pools using GP to control printer policies for multiple network printers in a single tenant. Any newfound insight would be hugely appreciated!
I have not found a way around this. We currently ask our Users to select the printer in the list or open Printers pub app in Remote Desktop and set the default printer before opening other apps. It's a pain either way, but I have not had time to dig further into this issue.