Same User, Choice of Profile to log into?

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I have a use case case where customer data can't be comingled, and rbac, groups, communication compliance, information protection, data sensitivity, dlp, etc. work perfectly, as long as the SAME user isn't assigned to two different projects and therefore can access both datasets in sharepoint at the same time. Besides making an entire new account and license (we are at E5), can I create a "Project A" WVD profile that restricts access to just Project A's sharepoint sites and a "Project B" login that restricts user access to just Project B's, and so on? Then when the user logs on, even though he normally could access both datasets, the rules make it so he can't?  Make sense?

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I should say, then the user can choose which profile to log on with to ensure he doesn't cross contaminate customer data while using the same O365 account.