Running WVD-SH on dedicated hardware

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I am currently running many RDS deployments as a hoster and thus distribute Desktop as a Service for different tenants.

These tenants use a common, redundant domain (with their own OU) and central RD gateway, broker and license server. Each tenant currently has its own session host server on dedicated hardware in my colocation cage.


Disadvantages are for example the missing support of Single-Sign-On with the O365 applications.

As I am always looking for new software and technologies, I became aware of WVD. I am excited about the deployment, manageability via Azure and the UX for the Tenant.

Now to my question: is it currently possible or planned to connect dedicated servers of your own network outside of Azure to a host group? This would be absolutely necessary for a changeover, as I would like to continue using my hardware worth tens of thousands of Euros. By installing Virtual Desktop Agent and Virtual Desktop Agent Bootloader, a certain functionality of the connection seems to be given. What are the future plans here? Are there any instructions or roadmaps?

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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