Running session host virtual machines shutdown state in hostpool

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Hi all,


I want to share this quick fix regarding hostpool session hosts in 'shutdown" state even when Azure VMs are running and are accessible by administrators (via RDP or remote access software):


1. Uninstall all agent, boot loader, and stack components
2. Remove the session host from the host pool
3. Generate a new registration key for the VM
4. Reinstall the Azure Virtual Desktop Agent and boot loader

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Is it sarcastic? How is this quick? It's essentially starting over and going throw entire process again.

Same problem today for me, I decided to recreate a new vm for the pool.
But...... I have not yet understand how it's happened! I suppose, after scheduled avd agent update.
Can confirm - delete any session hosts that have an issue, recreate and re-add. Don't waste your time touching hosts that are essentially just cogs in a machine - pull them out and replace them.
I solved the problem removing the agents and re-register the host to the host pool.