Running in Virtual Box on WVD is slow?

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With the recent popularity of the cloud, we are planning to migrate our internal developer PCs to Windows Virtual Desktop.

When I tested the migration, I found that VirtualBox + Vagrant is quite slow and it takes 2-3 hours to get the guest OS up and running, is this something that comes from Windows Virtual Desktop?


Since we only have one user per machine and we use the Standard ssd plan, it's unlikely that it will be that slow.

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It is very slow. It is not related to WVD but Hyper-V nested virtualization capabilities.

With E v3+ and D v3+ vms you can do nesting but you will only get the virtualization performance benifts with Hyper-V.


I know that VMware have more nesting capabilites but I don't know if VMware hosts on azure have nesting enabled. Note that VMware on Azure is not cheap and I don't know if you can (legally) run WVD on Azure VMware hosts.

Thanks for the reply.

I was running VirtualBox on WVD, but I will try to verify if it can work properly with WVD + Azure VM.
Since there is a conflict with cost, I will try to start the verification from the minimum configuration.

It was necessary to convert the box files to vdi, but
The combination of Azure VM + WVD worked fine.


thank you