Remote Desktop Windows App Not able to Launch Application

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Hey Everyone,


We are deploying a POC / Build out of AVD in my companies environment. And all was going well. Until we were required to pass the CIS Benchmark for Security. Something in there has broken our environment in a strange way.


We have an issue where Remote Apps will launch, but then get stuck at Preparing windows. The screen freezes for the user at preparing Windows, but as far as we can tell, the users connection is successful, the remote app launches on the VM itself, but from the Remote Desktop Client, the user is stuck on the blue logon screen. The User can even send a CTRL Alt Delete function which they can use to Lock the Computer, then they can unlock it, but it takes them straight back to the same stuck preparing windows screen. Its as if its never able to present the application. We have confirmed that this issue has occured due to GPO. Specifically it was GPO that was created based on the CIS Benchmarking Tool. So some security setting we have implemented has caused this isssue. Screenshot is of all the services that we disabled as part of the GPO but it may not be that, as CIS reccomendations were quite large and contained a lot of settings. Any ideas what I might be missing.


Another interesting point is that remote apps launch fine on the Web version of AVD, and on IOS the apps launch no worries. So it is limited to the Windows version of the Remote desktop client.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, other wise we are stuck with removing these rules one by one to try find the culprit which could take weeks.


I have attached the list of rules we implemented as part of the benchmarking.


Any help will earn my forever love and gratitude!!! Since AVD is so new, and even a quick name change has got me struggling with scouring the internet for anyone else experiencing this issue.

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We are using 1.2.2222.0 x64 as our client, but the issue has been occurring for many versions of this application

We Fixed it!!!


Turns out it was disabling the "Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector" service that was causing the issue. As soon as this service was re-enabled the Remoteapps were able to launch successfully.