Remote Desktop Web Client HTML5 - Expand Show Details by default

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Hi all,


We have deployed WVD across our environment and have hit a wall where we would like to automically expand the Show Details area once a user enters their credentials.   Without a user manually clicking it, they will not see the 'security notice' that the desktop session is prompting and the session will time out.




Is there a property setting or something that can be set to auto expand this?  When using the Remote Desktop client it expands by default.

Thank you...






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can you please share a screenshot for what security notice that requires user attention? It is unexpected. Once the user provide username and password, the logon process should be able to complete without additional user input.

@Soo Kuan Teo 




If having a disclaimer message (ex: You are not supposed to connect to this server/RDS application except if you're part of IT Team) at User Logon, you need to be able to click on "Show details" in order to display this disclaimer and to click on "OK" button. So, in this case sentence " logon process should be able to complete without additional user input" is not true.


For my app in "Work Resources", this "Show details" link is grayed*

=> impossible to click on "OK" button linked to the disclaimer
=> unable to open my app in "Work Resources".

So, I'm currently using another RDS tool (not a Microsoft one). I would prefer to use "Remote Desktop" from Microsoft but with this "bug", i can't.


Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me to be able to click on "Show details" link (when grayed) or expand details by default...