Remote Desktop Web Client Customizations


I would like to know if I can customize or the remote desktop deployed on my VM, I would like to change the top bar cores and make some changes, are there any restrictions on this?

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@rafaelmarinho: We don't offer customizations today. Share your idea here and let others vote for it:

@Eva Seydl 

It would be nice to have some sort of customization ability to take nuisance out as such remove Privacy banner and link that is referencing to Microsoft site. Instead, I would like to have privacy link URL reference to my corporate privacy policy. There are two important change that I would like to request are... 

  1. Update of remove Privacy Policy URL from the sign in page pointing to
  2. Remove or suppress yellow warning banner text “Privacy setting for managed resources have been preset by your organization.”

Thank you, (12/10/2020)

@rdudhagra , I agree.  The privacy policy that we as CSP's or MSP's have in place are country based.  Microsoft's policy is between us and Microsoft and is not necessarily in line with GDPR or POPIA (South Africa) and we need to be able to change that link or hide it completely.