Remote Desktop Client for AVD not prompting for password

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HI Everyone,


We are deploying Azure AVD for a customer. We installed the latest version of Remote Desktop Client downloaded from this website:


For some users, we didnt have any issues. For a couple of users, we are able to subscribe and see the workspace, but when we double click on the resource, the prompt for credentials is not popping up which makes us unable to connect to the AVD.

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On the problem machines have you tried to unsubscribe? If you meet all the pre-requisites enable SSO - enablerdsaadauth property to 1 using PowerShell.

The AVD web login works with no issues, but the Windows Desktop client is having this same issue but can't find any other reference to this. Have you found a fix? Current RDP settings on the host pool are enablecredsspsupport:i:1;enablerdsaadauth:i:1;targetisaadjoined:i:1