Remote Apps stops responding / Users feed becomes an unresponsive Full Desktop.

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Some of our customers using AVD with Remote Apps has been experiencing problems with Remote Apps stops working and the users gets an unresponsive full desktop experience. 


After an in-depth troubleshooting we have found the source of the problem which is the SxS Stack version 220817300 installed on the AVD-machines, this issue has been addressed with the new SxS version (350)


If you are experiencing this issue, I would like to save you some time by recommending rebooting DC and the AVD-machines with version 220817300.

In some cases it has been issues updating the session hosts when the DC is the DNS point and therefore won't transfer the update to the session hosts.

You can verify the current version with the "qwinsta"-command after reboot.


Hopefully this can save you some time! 

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Thanks for the useful information! I am positive it will help someone.

@JohanLindholm it seems we have the same issue.
Do you know where to get this new version?

@ReneMP   We experienced a similar issue with window focus on our remoteapps where it appeared the remote was hung/stuck,  but actually the focus was on another window so minimizing the other remote app window(s) would let the user type/have focus on the correct window.  It too was corrected by th 220817350 sxsstack version, and today we are seeing our avd machines have the old 300 version back again and the problem is back.  

It should have been released via the Agent, if you haven't received it, please open a case with Microsoft. I do believe it was fixed in Version 1.0.5555.1008.
Hi, did you remove the old SxS-stack versions under Control Panel - Programs?
Stop the service via Powershell (admin) Stop-Service RDAgentBootLoader.
Uninstall the SxS Stack under Control Panel - Programs.
Install the new SxS Stack version provided to you.
Reboot the AVD machine.
we didn't remove it manually, we just get the updates via the agent. We had the fixed version last week and today we are seeing the previous version back again. Have a ticket with Microsoft that I reopened, but wondered if anyone else has seen the old version come back? our host agent version is 1.0.5555.1010_hostfixprodR1 - which was the same agent version shown last week with the 350 stack version. Not sure why the stack version went back, but seeing it from multiple VM's/hostpools
Ok, I see.
We haven't seen any automated rollback.
We manually installed the latest SxS version on the customers experiencing the issue.
Are the affected customers in a validation environment?
I do see we still have the correct sxs stack version on the machines still but the avd connections are using the previous version (can see in wvdconnections table) - odd
I would recommend uninstalling past versions.
You can verify the current version with the "qwinsta"-command,
yes, thank you - I do use the qwinsta command and it shows the 300 version being used now and the 350 is still installed. I know they typically keep 3 versions on the machines, we don't usually remove the older ones - any idea why all of the machines would pick up the older version today?

@shaaric We are seeing this mainly with our published apps, it looks like a combination between Outlook and a Java App.

All our AVD's have the same versions, but not all customers experience this behaviour.
Memory dumps of AppCrash: rdpinit.exe show [0xf] KERNELBASE!TerminateProcessOnMemoryExhaustion + 0x1af