Remote App presenting the apps together as if it was in the Web client

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I spun up several WVD instances in the lab without issue, both desktop and remote app worked as expected.


When I spun up a production instance, and added even one Remote App (notepad), the apps do not behave like you would expect for a Remote App. They behave like you see in the HTML5 remote desktop client where it shows a box around the app with lots of white space, and all the apps float in there and do not appear like a local app would.


Video of the issue:


Screen Recording 2021-02-18... (


Anyone got ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it?

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@Brian Martin   Just a suggestion, try downloading the latest WVD client from here:  You might be using the Remote Desktop client that has been downloaded from the MS store (the icons look very similar).



Geeze, you were not kidding that they look alike. They have the exact same icon, the same Name, and even the interface looks exactly the same. No wonder I didn't catch that.


That was the trick, thanks.