Remote App not showing in webfeed

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Hi All,


I've succesfully deployed a Windows Virtual Desktop tenant and host pool. However, I'm trying to publish a remote app, which is not showing in the webfeed of the assigned user.


Any idea's?


Add-RdsAppGroupUser TENANTNAME POOLNAME RemoteApps-Test -UserPrincipalName
Add-RdsAppGroupUser : The specified UserPrincipalName(s) is already assigned to a Desktop AppGroup in the specified HostPool.
ActivityId: b013d027-07f6-4ffa-a848-6ff7e1e2508a
Powershell commands to diagnose the failure:
Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities -ActivityId b013d027-07f6-4ffa-a848-6ff7e1e2508a
At line:1 char:1
+ Add-RdsAppGroupUser TENANTNAME POOLNAME RemoteApps-T ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : FromStdErr: (Microsoft.RDInf...RdsAppGroupUser:AddRdsAppGroupUser) [Add-RdsAppGroupUser], RdsPowerShellException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UpnAlreadyHasDesktopRights,Microsoft.RDInfra.RDPowershell.AppGroupUser.AddRdsAppGroupUser


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@markkrolwsb : Windows Virtual Desktop has the restriction that within a host pool, a user cannot be assigned to both a desktop app group and a RemoteApp app group. This means that you'll have to first remove the user assignment (Remove-RdsAppGroupUser) to the desktop app group before you can re-assign that user (Add-RdsAppGroupUser) to the RemoteApp app group.

@Christian_Montoya, Thanks for your reply!


So it is not possible to assign remote apps AND a full desktop to users?

@markkrolwsb : Correct. We have gotten lots of feedback to add this as a feature, so we will consider it! Also, when we have our UserVoice up and running, you should make sure to create/upvote that feature.



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I tried creating another host pool in the same tenant and then created a new RemoteApp App Group. Assigned to the same user and it works. So that means we can assign a user with RemoteApp and Desktop App group but it should be from different host pool and not from same pool.@markkrolwsb 

@Christian_MontoyaWhy isn't this a feature by default? Where can i upvote this, this should be added!

@Rg035 : The reason we don't have this behavior supported by default is because of the trickiness of having 2 sessions on the VM, since the desktop session is different than a RemoteApp session. We've heard similar feedback from other customer engagements.


Here is our UserVoice channel to create/upvote this feature: .