RDS Web portal doesn't load until a page refresh

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Is anyone seeing issues when accessing the and the portal hangs on loading and never loads? Once the user refreshes the page, the site loads fine. I have multiple users reporting this and it happens to me as well in Chrome. I am suspecting this has something to do with AAD SSO refreshing tokens. 





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As I suspect, it is a token failure. Not sure how to correct this....
2020-04-23T14:00:06.589Z adal:acquireTokenFailure Token renewal operation failed due to timeout, Token Renewal Failed

. (6) ["at Object.Logger.a.error (", "at", "at n.$broadcast (", "at Array.<anonymous> (", "at Object._callBackMappedToRenewStates.<computed>.…com/webclient/js/components.35fcac4e.js:19:16284)", "at"]

@techguy129  We've experienced the same thing.  Doesn't seem to effect functionality, just an annoyance.

best response confirmed by vabora (Microsoft)


You are correct, this issue was related to token refresh. it is fixed in webclient versions >