RDS Web Client RemoteApp Default Language always en-US

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Just deployed an RDS 2019 Farm with the WebClient enabled - it works great, apart from one thing:
We're en-GB, and the RemoteApps via the WebClient launch with en-US as the default and show the language bar. (Where you can switch to en-GB)
This is a problem for Word/Outlook as the proofing language is incorrect

The Session Hosts are all en-GB all the way through, with that set to copy to new profiles.

I've even removed the en-US pack via lpksetup.


The same RemoteApps launched via mstsc using the downloaded .rdp files are perfect, it only affects browser based launches


What I am missing here?!

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@ChrisH0701 there is a bug with the web client where we send a default keyboard layout (ENG US) when initiating the connection. We are actively working to resolve this issue and will push an update to the client as soon as possible. We will have a more definitive ETA soon. 


In the meantime, keyboard input should work as expected as the client sends Unicode input by default. Until this fix makes it to production, the proofing language, etc. will be an issue. 


Thanks - I'd eventually figured out it must be something like that, and the keyboards are correct like you say, it's the proofing that doesn't work.
I've 'fixed' it temporarily by setting the ignnoreremotekeyboardlayout key in on the session hosts which is forcing everyone to en-GB for now, but I'll revert this when the new client is released as I do have people who will want different regional settings.


But good to know it wasn't an issue of my creation!



@briantaintor is there any update on this issue? We've been working on using the RD Web Client and have faced exactly the same issue. Ultimately we will potentially have multi-country or locale users that will want different regional and/or keyboard layout(s).


I've deployed the IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout fix as described, but just wanted some kind of timeframe as to when a fix for this is likely to be issued?