RDP Shortpath not working with new agent version: 1.0.3855.1400

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We received an update to the agent last night, version 1.0.3855.1400. It appears to have broken RDP Shortpath. It was working yesterday and today no users are connecting over Shortpath. Has it been confirmed working with this version of the agent?

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I did more investigating, Shortpath appears to be working but not logging correctly in Azure Log Analytics. The WVDConnections table has a column called UdpUse which previously had a value of 1 if using Shortpath. Now it shows 0 for everyone even if using Shortpath. We only use RemoteApp so I was using the logs to determine if Shortpath was being used. I enabled a full Desktop and can see in the connection details that it's using UDP protocol. Good news ,it works bad news, there's a bug in the way it's logging.

@Burnszee Was this bug reported to MS or resolved ? we see the same.......

I have a case open with MS. No resolution yet.
Ok, I’ll do the same tomorrow
Raised case with MS also for this...