RDP Shortpath configuration

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Hi all,


Quick questions about configuring RDP Shortpath:

  • Is is supported for Appstreaming (I guess so but I'd prefer a confirmation)?
  • Is it mandatory to set the ICEConnect registry key for it to work?


I set RDP Shorpath on a test environement with no configuration whatsoever on the neither on the AVD nor on the client macine used to connect. I just set the correct rule in the NSG and it works.

On my prod environment with the same rule, it deos not work. The prod connects Azure to the office using a site-to-site VPN. But I'm connecting from outside the office directly via the Internet.


Thanks for your feedback on this one,.





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After chcking the logs in AVD, it seems that RDP Shortpath is enabled. Running the command gives me the following results:


| where Name contains "Shortpath"




IT doesn't work every time though. I think it depends where the users are connecting from (office o home).


You can disregard my question.


Thanks. :)