RDP over VPN to Azure VM - what have I missed

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I've set up a Virtual Machine in Azure; it has an app which links to an Azure SQL Database. When I log into aka.ms/wvdarmweb with the user acct which has access to the app, all works fine.

Now I'm trying to setup RDP over VPN, and have followed the Microsoft tutorial documents.

Virtual Network Gateway is setup, Admin authority went thru ok, download of Azure VPN was fine, and connection has been established from a client machine to Azure over the VPN. Tick tick tick tick, great stuff.

I download and start the RDP for the VM, the computer name defaults to "". I click Connect and get "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons:" and three possible reasons display.
Well, for reason 2 and 3, the remote computer is on and available on the network (otherwise I wouldn't be able to login in via the portal, I guess).
So it must be the first reason "Remote access to the server is not enabled."

Any suggestions as to what I might have missed? VM Inbound rules on the NIC include AllowRD (3389), AllowPSRemoting (5986), AllowVnetInBound (any). Several users have access to the VM, as demonstrated by access to it via the portal.


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