RDP file configuration manipulation for WVD?

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With the former RDP clients we could dynamically create or edit the server/gateway settings on RDP files on the fly and drive users to different data centers based on user's resource availability or closest location. Is there a way to similarly do this with Windows Virtual Desktop? A way to launch directly to the login authentication window of WVD with a pre-configured server/gateway/domain settings file for Windows Virtual Desktop? Otherwise would this be considered for a future release?

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@compulinkegf : If you are referring to custom RDP properties that are added by default to connections, then yes, you can do it to some extent. The custom RDP properties you enter will apply to all sessions generated for the specified host pool, so may not be quite as dynamic or on the fly as your use case. However, you can definitely test. The command to set the custom properties would be similar to:


Set-RdsHostPool -TenantName <tenantName> -HostPoolName <hostPoolName> -CustomRdpProperty "audiocapturemode:i:1;use multimon:i:0"