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We are trying to build a POC WVD installation. Upon creating a master image on an Azure VM and installing the agent (with the host pool token baked in), bootloader and stackSxS installer I have seen a strange issue with the two hosts in my host pool.

It seems to only register one host if I run a   Get-RdsSessionHost. If I restart the agent on either machine, that machine then becomes visible with the same cmdlet. 

If i uninstall the agent from a machine, and re-install it with the same token , the command then shows both hosts. I am assuming that it's because I installed it into the image. Is there any advice for doing this so that once built all machines from a master image all affiliate to the pool correctly?


Thanks if anyone can help!


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From all investigation I've done on this in the last week, it doesn't seem recommended to install the RDInfra Agent on a master image before deploying to any given host pool.


Any documentation I've found seems to suggest installing the agent after machine creation and giving it then pool token.  This is a real pain and I can't see an easy way of installing this across multiple RDS environments/hosts. 

That's pretty poor, I'll add this to my "reasons this isn't an enterprise ready product", after "can't entitle groups of users" as the first reason. 

As a workaround, you can use the ORCA application to edit the .msi file and add the generated token value