RD Web Client 1.0.22 not working on chromebooks

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School district here, with the start of school and a lot of deployed chromebooks, our chromebooks wont connect to RD Web anymore.  I cant exactly correlate but I think it's specific to the 1.0.22 update.  They get stuck on launching the pool, but windows computers work fine even with chrome on the same version.Screenshot 2020-09-23 095534.png

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I rolled back to and it's now working with a chromebook.  Something must be broken in

Thanks for reporting! We are investigating.

@drileypine Could you please share Chrome browser version?

@jayashree210 85.0.4183.121 

Was also happening on 84

Hello. Who knows? When will version 1.0.22 appear for download again?

Also not working on latest Version 86.0.4240.199

@Soo Kuan Teo Any update from MS?

@drileypine   I just had my server check for an updated rdweb package and found that a version was published. I updated it on the web access server and now rdweb is working on my Chromebook!