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We are starting to use a web application on AWS Cloud and the app uses RDWEB remote app. The issue we are having is in order for the file transfer to work the users have to select File Transfer on the Access Local Resources pop up. Wondering if there is a way for us to reset this as some have selected do not show again and have not checked the file transfer setting.  cant seem to find any information this  on the web or in the help files. Surely has to be a way to rest a choice. Thanks for any information you can provide.





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If you set it at the host pool, does it force the change?


@Luke Murray  I am not certain about the host pool you mentioned. I am looking to see if there is something on a local desktop. The app uses RDP and once you select don't show again you don't get the option again. if that is not selected there is no upload button shown. was thinking it could be a files somewhere on the C drive or a setting in Internet explorer but could not find it any where.

I wonder if it is just in the browser cache, if you clear the cache or use another browser - is that setting set?
I tried opening the WEB App in internet explorer and it was the first time it prompted to make a choice again so leads me to believe it is tied to browser . checked settings and no mention of it anywhere.

Not sure what specific file, you might be able to clear the cache for that specific webpage for your users, here's a script I quickly found that can reset the cache for multiple browsers that you could potentially deploy out: https://github.com/lemtek/Powershell/blob/master/Clear_Browser_Caches

If not the script contains the location of the cache files, there may be something in the folder.

You might end up resetting the cache of your users, or sending them instructions on clearing it for the HTML web client instead as a workaround.
Hey Luke, turns out this is controlled by a setting in the browser, super easy so much i overlooked it lol. thanks for your help.