Random WAM error 135011 for small % of users in WVD when logging into Office Apps

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I have a very small % of users that will receive a WAM error 

Error code 135011


Says the device is disabled within the WVD session.


Word & Excel will open but the username will have a yellow sign next to it and then the program will crash stating the Office app can't be used. A couple users who had this issue suddenly had it go away, others it is lingering. The image has proper ProPlus with the registry entry for registration.


Outlook won't open at all.


0 Information on why this is occurring and its extremely frustrating, I've swapped the users between E3s and E5 licenses and sometimes that fixes other times it didn't. I've also tried the "sign user our of everywhere" in office 365 with mixed results.


Anyone have any bright ideas how to fix this without having to waste time with MSFT tier 1 support?

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Figured this out - there was a wvd host computer object in AD that was still present and was in a "disabled" state despite having removed that host with Nerdio WVD Manager. Guessing due to some changes we made this got hung up and never deleted by the logic app used by Neriod and for w/e reason these users were still tied to this stale entry.

I reviewed the sign-in's for the user inside AAD which showed 1 Office 365 Suite Failure, and then checked the device GUID via the devices tab on that alert. This then led me to the stale computer entry which showed disabled.

Solution was deleting the computer object or if you can't do that make sure its enabled and not disabled in AD/AAD