Random Issues with WVD

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We have a few issue going on with our WVD deployment. The biggest two issues we are facing right now are as followed. Also these two issues just started about a week ago on a deployment that was put into production on Nov 15th 2019. 


File Explorer - Very slow, takes 45 seconds to a minute to open. 

Remote Printing - We redirect local printers. Worked fine until about a week ago. No updates or modifications to software has occurred. Printing sometimes takes up to 30 minutes to spool to the local printer. This occurs with several users in several locations. Not specific to a user, location, or model printer. 


Outlook search does not work. Running latest FSlogix version. We have gotten two different answers in regards to FSLogix ROAM Search. One is ROAM Search should be set to 2. One says with Windows 10 MS and Windows Server 2019 the search feature is built in and no options for ROAM Search should be set. We have attempted both and neither work. 


windows 10 1903, but also occurs on Windows 10 1909. 


Anyone experience any of these issues and have a resolution or workaround. 

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Did you ever get to the bottom of your issue. We are experiencing similar Windows Explorer issue, were you using OneDrive?

@RYCUL80 we are having the same issues with Explorer.


The whole client is pretty buggy I find.


Good luck, will be interested to hear if anyone can solve this, although don't expect anyone from MS to reply.