"Microsoft Remote Desktop Client WebRTC Redirector Service" processes consuming 100% of CPU

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Hello everyone,

Starting Friday, 6/16 I am having problem affecting all hosts in my host pool, at random time there 3 or 4 processes "Microsoft Remote Desktop Client WebRTC Redirector Service" starts consuming all available CPU recourses and all users in affected host having issues, everything gets unresponsive/unusable. I've installed last system updates, reinstalled WebRTC and Teams according to this article - Use Microsoft Teams on Azure Virtual Desktop - Azure | Microsoft Learn  and still getting the same situation when randomly those processes started consuming all CPU. I can only manually kill those processes and this improves situation instantly, but they never release CPU themself.

Any help would be appreciated. 


PS: my agent just got updated recently to version 1.0.6425.2100

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Are you able to check which process consumes high CPU?