Proxy settings in WVD

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we have deployed the following WVD (spring update) setup:


- Windows 10 multi session virtual machine

- connected to on-premises domain

- installed required applications


All network connectivity is working and all required GPOs are applied. One of the GPOs is configured to deploy .pac script that configures proxy for IE. This script works flawlessly in on-premises environment.


When user logs in WVD, everything works fine but .pac script does not apply proxy settings. All internet traffic is going directly to Internet and not via proxy. I have tried to add proxy manually but it does not apply settings. They revert to blank.


I installed Mozilla Firefox and added proxy to its settings manually and everything works as expected.


Even modifying registry settings directly with proxy information has no effect on IE.


Is there some dark voodoo magic that is playing with me or this is expected behavior?


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Did you ever find a solution for this ?