Problem - Signing Out from WVD

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We are experiencing a delay when signing out from WVD session and it seems like languages are getting synced and its asking to forcefully sign out.  Any advice on how to resolve this problem ?


OS: Windows 10 Multi session 2004 



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@RomeroSilva You could disable settings sync. The GPO can be found here: 

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Sync your settings




@PieterWigleven Thank You for your reply. We have already enabled "Do not sync" and "Do not sync other Windows settings" but not luck.

Did you ever get this solved? I still struggle with this, since september last year, even with the latest images and updates from March.

This was caused by after running the optimization script on W10 2004. As a work around you can disable the “Synchronize Language Settings” (Microsoft\Windows\International\Synchronize Language Settings) under the Task Scheduler or do not run the optimization script on the session host.


I have on going case with Microsoft and as per them optimization script is not fully supported on W10 20H2.


Thank you! Finally it works for me too :D Any idea what we're missing by disabling this task?
As per Microsoft this task is intended to sync user preferences between multiple devices associated to same user account.
Anyway multiple people have reported the same issue on github under the Virtual-Desktop-Optimization-Tool. You can find more info by referring the below URL.