Problem - Default file association with Remote app in WVD

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We are experiencing an issue with WVD Remote apps where default file associations are not working, even though if we configure via GPO using a .xml file. Note that we are only using remote apps and not the full desktop.

Any advice on how to resolve this problem? or if not would like to know if it's in the road map to address this problem.
Thank You!
Romero Silva
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same issue I have but I have not see single response from Microsoft on this or any other forum about file association with WVD remote app. I was much easier with Citrix virtual app
Yet again MS refuse to acknowledge the failings of Azure Virtual Desktop. This issue has been dragging on for months now, with no clear direction or indication of a resolution in the pipeline. We have been forced in the past to deploy a 3rd party solution to manage application virtualisation because MSIX was nowhere near production ready. We sure as hell are not going to shell out more on another 3rd party solution to resolve yet another issue of MS's making. Kindly get this issue resolved.
Hey Microsoft, you got any inbuild solution for this, since RemoteApps is your best practice? Please at least acknowledge the problem.. 3rd party scripts are no solution.