Problem: Configure Session Host RBAC Permission for WVD MSIX App Atache

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i‘m trying to setup MSIX AppAtache in My Demo Environment. The WVD Service is Setup using Azure AD Domain Services.

I‘m now stuck at the point, where i need do grand RBAC Permission (for Session Hosts) to the Azure File Share.
- i created the group AADS_SessionHosts in the Azure AD
- When i try to ad the SessionHost Computer Objects in the Azure AD Domain Services, to this group an Error occurse. Error Message = Not the Right Permissions. But i‘m loged in with my AADDS Administrator Account.

Is there anybody who can give an advise how to solve this one ?

Have a Great Weekend!
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Have you tried giving the AAD group with the session hosts in it the correct permissions on the storage account? That should work.

Yes, the AAD Group has permissions on the Storage Account. My Problem is that i can not add the Session Hosts to the AAD Group. Regarding the Message „Not sufficient rights“ when configuring the Computer Objects (add to AAD Group) in AADDS.