Prioritize/Choose RD Gateway Region

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Hi there,


We have found that for some of our customers the RD Client is flip-flopping between which region to use for connecting to the RD Gateway.


One customer is now routing through Australia Southeast 95% of the time after changing DNS host to, however another client using for DNS is being routed through either Japan West or Japan East 100% of the time.


For the Japan routed customer, The RTT on the WVD Experience Estimator is showing around 300 for Australia Southeast.


I have tired many Australian DNS hosts, but for this one customer they are always routed through either Japan or the US. 


Is there a way we can prioritize or statically select a certain gateway? I'm confident that the experience would be better on an AU gateway, and that there is an issue correctly calculating the RTT.


The lag experienced when routed through Japan is substantial and I have had to resort to using the classic MSTSC method of connecting directly to the VMs hostnames for the time being.



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Anything? This is a total showstopper for us, and we can't even properly use the infrastructure we've built and are currently paying for.....