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We cannot see a printer in the WVD desktop.  My instance is that my home printer does not forward over to the WVD desktop.  Is there something I should check?  I am checking the box to allow printing when logging in.

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Are you connecting via HTML browser or RDP session? What OS is the local machine?  

@PrintGuru1 HTML in Windows 10 using chrome.

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@stevenzelenko Due to the nature of the web client, printing behaves a little differently. When trying to print, there should be a printer called Remote Desktop Virtual Printer (redirected X). It should be the default printer. Selecting this printer will allow you to print to a PDF that gets sent to the local device where you can print to your local printer.


Hope this helps.

There is 2 ways to handle printing in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
(1)Use AVD Web portal: You will notice a remote desktop virtual printer. Printing to this printer will create a .PDF file that is saved to your downloads folder. Then you can print this PDF file from you local printer.

(2)Use Windows Desktop Client:
Your local printer will redirect to you AVD remote desktop session. You can print directly within AVD remote desktop session.

When logging into the WVD, the remote virtual printer is not showing up. The printer was present just yesterday but is now gone. Any ideas?

I have the same problem, have you resolved?