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I'm a software engineer and I'm wondering what it would cost to use WVD so I can work from home sometimes.   My company has an enterprise office 365 subscription but I don't know what sort.  Supposing I wanted to use WVD for 20 hours a week at home (either Win 10 or Win 7) to do coding, maybe occasional compiling, writing documents with WORD, OneNote, email, github, and web browsing, how would I work out what the monthly cost of this would be?  Most of it is non CPU intensive.


Do I need a VPN or is the client server communication adequately protected without one?

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@alphabeta: We have pricing examples here: . A pricing calculator will be made available later this year. 


Communication is protected and your company might decide to add additional measures depending on policies.

@Eva Seydl  I check this calculator in 2021 year in didn't found it usefull for me. I don't want "minimum 100 users" and pay $$$$$ per month. I just want to "teleport" my PC into azure: 8Cores 32Gb RAM and 200Gb space. Windows 10 pro, docker, jetbrains tool box, office 365, wireshark. But your calculator probably made for corporate users?

@Athathoth We are aware of the ask for making the calculator more useful for scenarios with less than 100 users and are looking into making this possible.