Preserve TimeZone of VM after sysprep

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We have customized the Win 10 Ent multi-session marketplace image and updated its regional settings along with the time zone and have 'syspreped' it. 

Referred the documentation here to do the same - and it worked fine. 


Now, after provisioning the session host VMS from the captured golden image, it appears that the session host instances have the time zone set back to UTC by default and so we think that the sysprep is not preserving the time zone information. 


Any recommendation to handle the customization and make it as a part of syspreped image so that all session hosts will have correct time zone settings applied on them automatically?


We know that there could be solutions to get it updated again either via some script or powershell that would need to be executed either while provisioning session hosts (through PS) or after creation of them, but looking forward for a solution that works the best and takes care of setting the correct time zone with the image without any hassle. 

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