Preconfiguring subscription information login for WVD / Rest API

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Is there a way to automate or preconfigure a user's tenant subscription information (via file or API) so that when a user (from a particular tenant) double-clicks on an icon or is sent via a URL straight to an authentication window similar to regular RDP where they can just enter their username and password and connect to their designated tenant group? We're trying to make WVD as simple & painless as possible for our users and we must call the Desktop Client (no web client) as we need full print & scan support. If you can point me to some resources or documentation on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

PS. We've been tinkering with the "msrdc" command but it won't take subscription information.

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@compulinkegf we are not supporting this functionality today. The first time set-up will take more steps. @David Belanger : review this feedback.

@Eva Seydl@David Belanger: Thank you, please submit for future enhancement consideration. How about URI calls? I would assume there's no support as of yet?