Power Point window after saving PP file has a boarder around the top and left side of the window

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A weird issue when using the AVD PP as a remote app.  When you save a power point (save as> browse to location and save file) and after the save the PP window kind of resizes and then puts a weird boarder on the top and left side of the window.  When its in this state it throws off the objects on where you can grab them.  What I mean by that is lets say I want to grab an image/object I actually have to move my mouse slightly off of the image/object to grab it.  If I minimize and maximize the PP window its back to normal and you can grab images/objects right on the boarder of them like you would expect.  So just a weird problem with a really easy fix but if the user doesn't know to do that they get frustrated and think there's something wrong with power point.  Anyone else getting this issue or have a solve?  This only happens when using PP as a "remote app" if you go into a session desktop I can not replicate the issue.  Kind of hard to tell in the photo but you can see the blue background on the left and its almost 

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