Possible to measure session speed or troubleshooting tools for remote apps?

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Hey folks, 


Currently we are using the Spring update and have published single business app to limited end users (two or three) in our staging environment.


The environment:

  • Single session host (Win 10 Enterprise Multi-session customized image)
  • 2vCPUs and 16GB of memory.
  • End users accessing the remote app are co-located in the same region where session host is provisioned.
  • All end users are equipped with a very good quality internet connectivity. 


Now, these users accessing these published remote apps have started experiencing the app slowness and we need to ensure if it is really something with the app or the network delays or something with WVD causing it.


As a primary step, we have already checked the relevant performance counters (cpu and memory related, along with disk utilization) of session host and seems machine is well under-utilized even when users are accessing the application remotely.


Is there any way to troubleshoot this, or is there any way to measure the session network speed while accessing the remote apps or something like frames/sec for end user experience?


Any input would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

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The client can provide you the connection information. When your users use Windows Desktop Client to connect to a full desktop, maximize the remote desktop session windows, on the remote desktop client window bar, the users will see a histogram icon, it is the connection diagnostic info, click on it will show the connection properties.
If the session is remoteapp, press Ctrl+Alt+End to bring up the shell, click on left top corner to bring up the menu, select 'connection information'

On the server side, you can also setup remote desktop service specific perf counters:

@Soo Kuan Teo thanks for the quick response. 

Like I mentioned, end users do not have access to full desktop and this is remote app only scenario so users do not really see the histogram icon and connection diagnostic information. 


About the link you have shared - yes that's the exact same link we have referred to analyze the performance counters on the session host, however everything appears to be normal there.  


Can you elaborate on "If the session is remoteapp, press Ctrl+Alt+End to bring up the shell"? which shell are you referring to? tried doing it while in the remote app session but it does not bring up anything apart from option to lock the screen or option to open task manager. Is this documented somewhere?



@bhushangawale, you need to click on the top left corner to bring up the extra menu. please see attached.