Performance of a WVD versus local resource.

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Hello All,


i had WVD pitched at me recently when discussing the fact that in order to become more mobile, i would need to begin using an average spec laptop device. The suggestion was that i could access a far superior hardware spec via the Windows Virtual Desktop PaaS solution that would allow me to run graphic and engineering software far more effectively than the low-spec local hardware would.


i don't understand this. my limited perception of how the local hardware versus the cloud hardware would operate is pretty much:


Adobe software accesses my local SSD and GPU to process the heavy lifting i require for After Effects or Photoshop or Audition. If the same Adobe software is installed on a VD out there in the cloud, is there a way that i could benefit from this even if the VD has much, much higher specifications than my local hardware?


Would i not lose any (or most) benefits of the cloud-based superior hardware in transit over the internet?

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Hi, basically all your doing from local machine is viewing what’s happening on the remote machine which is very low labour intensive on local machine and internet much like watching streaming a video off a website. I would say it would be far cheaper to buy a high spec machine.